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While hacking technologies within the mobile environment are constantly evolving, the capability of security companies to react to them has been limited due to a lack of human/material resources, and various security requirements demand the standardization of inspection criteria and procedures. Zyroid offers an improved security inspection environment for mobile applications from a technological and an administrative (compliance) perspective.


Easy user input: can be operated directly after synchronizing a smartphone with a PC
Compliance: meets requirements of Privacy Act, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce etc.
High-quality inspection environment: provides diverse information for detailed analysis
Real-time data analysis: real-time analysis and operation of app. packet from inspector's PC
Obfuscation app. Analysis: analysis and de-obfuscation of an obfuscated application
Convenient automatic inspection: one-click automatic inspection after entering basic information
Can detect malicious applications: verification of malicious applications through behavior-based judgment
Call diagram support: strong code analysis
Expected Effects
  • Use of an actual mobile device
  • Uses an actual mobile device instead of a virtual emulator
  • Supports financial apps that require authentication from an actual mobile device

  • Dynamic hooking
  • Works independently regardless of OS version or device
  • Can analyze platform sources and binaries without modification

  • Proxy/Debug
  • Real-time analysis and modification of input/output values of the called API
  • Identifies the overall flow of API call on the app that is being diagnosed

  • Standardized inspection

  • Increased reliability of the analysis result through the standardized inspection criteria
  • Legal compliance for various industries (public, finance, communication, manufacturing etc.)

  • Analysis of malicious applications

  • Analysis of malicious applications with malicious behaviors such as user information leakage and authority elevation
Deployment Method
    Product Components
  • - A laptop for inspections, Zyroid, an inspection device and a USB cable

Inspection Items

    Functional Components
  • - Improved inspection time and quality through static and/or dynamic analysis and the automatic analysis feature that combines both.

Inspection Items

    Inspection Items

Inspection Items