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SecureGuard OTP is a one-time password generation solution that controls secure password management as well as unauthorized user access to the system. In particular, it enhances security through the use of two or more authentication methods (Two-Factor), and uses dynamic passwords to generate new numbers as they are required, which cannot be reused. It prevents hacking or packet sniffing attacks through speculation.


Various OTP authentication methods
  • Provides various authentication methods for mobile app, SMS, PC, mail, messenger, RADIUS, etc.
Enhanced security
  • Stores passwords in DB using strong SHA-256 (+ SALT) encryption algorithm
  • Blocks cross-site scripting (XSS) and session hijacking
Encryption algorithms
  • Generates an 8-digit OTP with an encrypted algorithm
  • Determines whether OTP is matched between authentication server and user devices
Role-based access control
  • User group role: Dynamically assigns permissions to use various functions for each group
  • Server group role: Dynamically assigns permissions for OTP generation, verification, etc. for each group
Using the Open API
  • API can be used without any installation or setting, when interworking with the OTP server
  • Reduces server load and enhances security by requesting services when needed, not always
Caching function
  • Minimizes DB resource consumption and optimizes speed by using cache
Expected benefit
Enhanced password management security

  • Provides two or more easy and convenient authentication methods (Two-Factor)
  • Uses one-time dynamic passwords generated frequently
  • Unable to attack via hacking or packet sniffing

How to build
SecureGuard OTP can be applied in various systems that require double security.
Cases built
<K Credit Agency>

  • Improved security for user authentication by performing secondary authentication through OTP when accessing the system
  • Established a system to control unauthenticated users through interworking with access control (SecureGuard AM)