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General information security consulting

  • General information security consulting is a service that presents the procedures that your organization needs to plan, perform, verify, and audit from a managerial, technical, and physical perspective, in order to ensure continuity in the event of any unauthorized access, loss of information, forgery, alteration, and service provision that may occur during the creation, processing, storage and deletion of information assets.


  • Provides an information protection system that meets organizational capabilities.
  • Prepares a master plan for realistic and specific information protection.
  • Proposes a live information protection solution that reflects the latest security trends.
Expected benefits
- Qualitative benefits
  • Improves corporate reputation and market competitiveness by establishing a comprehensive information protection system for companies
- Quantitative benefits
  • Limits excessive spending on information protection equipment
  • Mitigates legal liability in the event of a security incident
  • Increases sales by securing loyal customers who are sensitive to information protection
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