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Financial IT security consulting

  • With the diversification of the electronic financial transaction environment due to the development of information and communication technologies and the attackers with a financial interest in exploiting them, the financial sector has been experiencing frequent computer network paralysis and customer information leakage incidents, and is exposed to potential risk. For this reason, the government is strengthening the information protection regulations governing financial information and telecommunications through the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and Enforcement Decree of the same Act, the Electronic Financial Supervision Act, etc.
  • eNsecure's Financial IT Security Consulting checks security incident trends and new CVE (Common Vulnerability Exposure), and conducts financial IT security consulting based on the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Information and Communication Network Protection Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information, Best Practices in the Protection of Information Technology Sector of Financial Companies, etc.


  • Provides administrative, physical, and technical security guidelines that comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Reviews and diagnoses new CVE according to the customer's information system environment.
  • Ensures legal compliance and stability through an analysis and evaluation of vulnerabilities in the electronic financial infrastructure
Expected benefits
- Qualitative benefits
  • Improves customer confidence by diagnosing the information protection level considering the specificity of financial IT, reduces the risk of security incidents, and provides a prompt response in the event of a security incident.
- Quantitative benefits
  • Increases sales by securing loyal customers who are sensitive to information protection.
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