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Personal information protection consulting

  • With the rapid development of the information age, the increasing reliance and use of personal information has led to a large number of incidents involving the illegal exposure of personal information. Legal regulations have been strengthened due to an increase in civil complaints and damages related to personal information infringement.
  • eNsecure's personal information protection consulting diagnoses security vulnerabilities through an analysis of the business status according to the life cycle of the personal information managed by the client companies, and establishes the personal information protection management system and countermeasures taking into consideration the laws and related industry standards.


  • Establishes a privacy management system framework.
  • Provides guidance on management, physical, and technical security focused on personal information processing tasks.
  • Identifies and analyzes attack routes where personal information can be leaked, and diagnoses vulnerabilities.
Expected benefits
- Qualitative benefits
  • Minimizes personal information infringement.
  • Improves customer confidence by enabling a prompt response in the event of a personal information infringement.
- Quantitative benefits
  • Increases sales by securing loyal customers who are sensitive to personal information protection.
  • Mitigates fines and legal liability by compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
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