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Mock hacking

  • Mock hacking is a kind of ethical hacking that diagnoses the possibility of infiltration into information systems through vulnerabilities in networks, servers, and applications, and is performed by authorized hacking consultants who apply the latest hacking techniques and tools used by actual hackers on an external or internal network.
  • The objective is to assess the current security level through an in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities in servers, networks, and applications via mock hacking, and to provide comprehensive countermeasures and recommendations to enhance security.


  • Attempts the practical Black Box Test (Double Blind Test) approach under the same condition as a real external attacker.
  • Diagnoses the associated infrastructure environment through web applications.
  • Diversifies attack methods according to the access route (wired Internet, wireless Internet, telephone network, partner company, internal staff, etc.)
Expected benefits
- Qualitative benefits
  • Strengthens IT infrastructure security by analyzing and responding to vulnerabilities in information systems, and improves security business capability through knowledge transfer about operator diagnostics checks
- Quantitative benefits
  • - Mitigates legal liability in the event of a security incident
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