IT Infrastructure: Personal Information Search/Analysis System

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Our personal information search/analysis system, eNgenPIIAS can identify and control flows of personal information traffic over the integrated service internet in order to help you complying with the personal information acts. Especially, it uses the 10G bytes large capacity lines and high speed networks to perform real time monitoring of large sized personal information in order to improve the technical measures and management systems for your companys personal information, so that you can eventually establish plans for preventing personal information leakages and improve your abilities to handle accidents afterward.

Expected outcomes
  • Visualization of the status of personal information file handling/use.
  • Improvement of real time abilities to handle personal information leakages.
  • Real time monitoring of large sized personal information over the high speed networks.
  • Acquisition of the real time personal information protection management systems.
Implementation plans

- eNgenPIIAS is composed of the collection engine, the analysis engine and the integrated management view.

Management plans

- By installing equipments without interruption of business networks, you can immediately apply the effects of personal information protection.

- While improving the business continuity, it provides the best environment for quickly implementing a personal information protection compliance system.

- It receives the 14 million PPS packets from the large sized network with 10Gbps in order to detect a pattern of personal information in each session.